Communion Studio Sessions

Following the success of last year’s Studio sessions in the Gallery on Communion Days, we’re offering the same packages again this year.

These sessions are designed to be a convienient way to drop in to the Gallery on the day of your child’s First Communion.  They last around 10 minutes and there is no session fee.

Ten minutes doesn’t sound like a lot but you’ll get a range of images of everyone you bring into the Gallery that day.  Of course we’ll get a range of solo portraits of your son or daughter on their day.  But there is also time to get pictures with their siblings, grandparent, godparents and don’t forget the parents of course.

There are only a number of 10 minute slots available on each Saturday in May so it’s best to enquire as early as possible if this is something that would suit you and your family.

The panel below gives a good idea of the range of images from a session last year.  I’ve also posted more information about the different kinds of sessions and the package prices but feel free to call in to get more info.

Gallery sessions will also be available for Confirmation sessions in most of the local schools.  Contact us for more.

Lesley Stothers on Nationwide

Monday’s special Valentine’s edition of RTÉ’s Nationwide programme carried a piece on Lesley Stothers and her Love Spoons.

I’ve photographed Lesley’s amazing work a few times over the years and a number of my pics were used on the show to illustrate her story.

Well done Lesley, the whole thing came across really well – and my pics looked great on TV!

The show is available on the RTÉ player!v=1135775 Lesley is 8:20 into the show.

I’m also helping Lesley put together a blog to show off more of her work and keep her growing band of fans up to date on where her work is available on show:

Lesley Stothers' Love Spoons 'As Seen on TV'

Back to it

Just back from Glorious West Cork.  There really is no place like it.  This kids spent 5 hours on the beach yesterday digging holes and playing Flags.

Walking Barleycove Beach with the LX-5

On a photographic note (this is my business blog afterall).  I left the usual kit behind and took almost everything else: I did a portrait session with the Mrs on the Hasselblad; I shot a roll of 35mm on the F4 with the 50f.12 and 16f3.5 fisheye; I filled a 4GB card on the Panasonic LX5 (including the above).  Lots of good stuff from all these – although I’ll need to wait for the films to be processed – how very 20th century!

Sos Beag

We’re taking a couple of days out over the mid term so the Gallery will be closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week (13th to 15th Feb).

I will be available on the mobile for anything urgent but otherwise feel free to drop me an email and I’ll get back to you on Thursday.

About Photography

I’m always interested in reading what other photographers have to say.  To be perfectly honest a lot of them don’t make a bag of sense but sometimes you find something that resonates with your own personal experience and expresses it in a way that you can’t.

“Photography is one percent talent and ninety-nine percent moving furniture”

Attributed to Arnold Newman by Annie Leibovitz.

There’s loads of these on Photography Quotations.  Generally I don’t have the time and patience to go through this site to look for stuff but it’s handy to check something (I can’t stand mis-quotes).  This one isn’t there though so we’ll have to trust Annie.

Transitions: Your Child’s Confirmation

Vouchers are also available for confirmation gifts

Your child’s Confirmation day certainly isn’t as big a day as their First Communion but it is not less important as a milestone in their lives.

In fact in many respects it is more significant because it coincides with a major transition in their lives: the move to senior school.

Now my kids aren’t there yet – this is all ahead of them – but I’m assured that things change considerably once they move on from National School.  It’s not just that they are teenagers, their peer group is now exclusively other teenagers.  It’s a time of change and many challenges.

What I have seen is that kids in 6th class still behave like kids in front of the camera.  They don’t yet wear that protective shell of self-conciousness that many teenagers grow.  They are open, relaxed, comfortable in themselves and photographs taken for their confirmation have a unique blend of confidence and innocence.

So although your child’s confirmation is probably going to be a low-key event compared to their communion, that doesn’t mean that it should go unmarked.  You may not be planning a large family get-together, a bouncy castle and a big party, but think about getting photographs taken professionally.

There are a number of things you might consider:

  • Sessions are available at the Gallery on the day of the Confirmation.  There’s no charge for the session, it takes about 10 minutes and you’ll get a range of studio images with the rest of the family
  • If you’re going on to a Hotel or Restaurant after Mass then I can meet you there.
  • I can come to your home either before you leave or if you’re celebrating at home afterwards.
  • We can arrange a session on another date if that suits better.  This allows a more flexible and relaxed session with a wider range of images possible.

Generally there is more availability for confirmations because they are weekdays and schools don’t coincide but some dates are very busy for sessions.  So contact us now to discuss your child’s confirmation and let us capture it in a unique way.