I’m experimenting with WordPress at the moment to decide whether to move the whole website over.  I’m looking for something more responsive and a little more modern without getting too flashy and unusable.

So you may see some weird stuff going on with random template changes and it’s possible that at times the blog may be busted while I play with something in WordPress.

Generally the feedback on the website is that people like it’s simplicity – which is pretty much were the original design was aimed at.  Easy access to photo portfolio, some useful info on who I am and what I do.

But although I transferred the image galleries to be mobile friendly some time ago, the bulk of the site is unchanged for many years.  So maybe it’s time to take a look.

It’s soooo hard to choose pics for the web site.  Even harder to talk about yourself and what you do!

Where to go in Cork

In the last article I looked in a general way at where to go for your location session.  If nothing comes to you yet then here are a few more specific ideas for where to go in Cork:RLU_3917

Currabinny Woods (51.812170, -8.304958) is an excellent location for family photos.  It has everything: it’s compact, good parking and not too far away.  It has plenty of options for kids of all ages in most weather conditions.

Fitzgerald’s Park (51.8962438,-8.4958268) is another good location and very handy from the city.  We normally start at the Museum end and work our way through the park.  Lots of options here including the trees, stumps, sculptures, benches etc.  They new playground is a lot more photogenic but because there are usually so many other kids there we leave that to the end after the session (sometimes it can be used as an incentive if you’re careful with it – more on incentives later)RLF_2006

The Japanese Gardens, Ballinlough (51.8863896,-8.4489809) may not be the most selubrious location but it’s very handy for the office and the lower part of the park offers enough options for a good family photo shoot.  There’s a nice bit of cover there, benches, trees and the quarry as backdrop so it has worked very well for me on many occassions.

The Lough (51.885795, -8.488243) is more limited in terms of stuff to sit, stand or lean on but there’s enough there to work with and the Lough itself looks nice as a background.  The far end is probably nicer than the Hawthorn end but we usually stroll around and see what works best.  The playground is very bright and can be busy for photos.

Ballincollig Regional Park (51.890118,-8.61589) is a bit further out of town and quite a large area.  The area closest to the car park is pretty open but there are areas near the river and down the far end that could be used.  It’s probably more suitable to older kids who don’t mind walking further.

Faran Woods (51.8888995,-8.75678) is even further out.  It’s a good location but there are a some of things to watch out for (apart from having to pay for the Car Park!).  The playground is on the way in so you can get a bit stuck there if you don’t manage things properly.  It’s a nice wooden playground but there’s more opportunities to be had in the woods themselves.RLJ_0384

Rostellen Woods (51.8446453,-8.1904122) is out the other side of the city but handy for Midleton or East Cork in general.  It’s a nice compact woods with options for views of the harbour is your kids can walk that far.  The ruins on the shore also offer some nice options for posing and backgrounds to add to the forest pictures.

Killeagh Woods (51.9427735,-7.9922103) is even further out East of the City but is a really nice compact woods with lots going on there to work with: a stream, bridges, woods, benches, all that.  Take the left behind the Thatched Cottage and left again to go up along the river.

Fota Gardens (51.8927924,-8.3058249) is a great location for photos with plenty of options for playing and forming informal groups: house steps, carved seats, fernery, rose gardens, orangery etc  Technically you may need permission to shoot in the grounds but I’ve never had a problem there.  Much of the Arboretum is evergreen so it works well all year round but if you’re looking for Autumn colour, it’s not your location of choice.

Busy Weekend: Belle of Ballinlough

Well done to Nathalie and all the other constants in the Belle of Ballinlough over the weekend.

We were very proud to have Nathalie represent us on stage but unfortunately this wasn’t her year.

Congrats to Eimear representing the Orchard Bar who is the 2014 Belle.

Nathalie has a natural presence and was certainly very comfortable in front of the camera when we did a quick photo session in the Japanese Gardens last week.   Here are a few more pics from the session and you can follow her Street Style blog at https://www.facebook.com/Streetstyleandsmile

The Most Valuable Thing You Own

Eighty-one years ago today this little girl sat in The Waltur Studios, 141a High Street, Walthamstow, London E17 for a portrait.  It was a few days after her First Birthday.

She doesn’t look much like she enjoyed the experience.

I’ve no idea what The Waltur Studios charged my gandparents for this sitting or the couple of prints that survive but I’m sure that to them it wasn’t insignificant.  Given what I know of their circumstances, it wouldn’t surprise me if they went without something else to pay for these.

It was a gift to my generation that it’s now impossible to put a value on.

They obviously thought it was important to get a photographic record of their only daughter on her First Birthday.  In fact, considering the times they were pretty good at taking (and keeping photos).  My Dad have me a whole tin of pics from my Mum’s younger days.  If there was a fire (and everyone else was safe)- this is one of the first things I’d want to save (along with my own pics of my own family).

What makes this one truely unique is that The Waltur Studios printed their details on the back of the print and stamped the date ’26 Nov 1932′.

It’s been our policy to sign, date and identify each of our prints.  They are printed with professional ink and paper which is certified by the manufacturers for over 100 years (assuming you look after them).  I want you and your kids to enjoy these prints just as much as I enjoy having this picture of my Mum

No Communion Photos? It’s not too late!

If you’ve recently had a Communion and you’ve no photos to show for it then it’s not too late.

We do a lot of First Holy Communion sessions after the event.  It’s a great chance to dressed up again and get the pictures you missed out on on the day.

The kids always enjoy re-living the day getting dressed up again and it can be scheduled to suit you so there’s no pressure – you can relax and enjoy the whole photoshoot experience.

We can do the session at Home or in a Studio Setting depending on how formal you want to go.  But all these sessions are designed to be fun for everyone and you can see that in the images we produce.

So give me a buzz if you want to get some lovely memories of your special day now that the dust has settled – 021 4293714 or rob@roblambphoto.com

First Holy Communions 2013

I’m pretty much up to date with the communion pictures at this stage so anyone who has had communion pictures taken should have either a proof sheet (for Gallery Sessions) or a booking for a viewing session.

For anyone who can’t make it in we can provide on-line viewing of your images but it’s better if you can come in and see them in their full glory for the first time.  I can also answer your questions about sizing, framing and how the communion packages work.

There’s a lot going on this time of year but some lovely pictures come out of First Communions whether it’s a Gallery session, a session with the family at home or some of the less formal pictures – like those from the Our Lady of Lourdes Communion last weekend.

It’s a lovely time for the kids and a great time to capture all the excitement and innocence of the day.

Welcome Inside the Gallery

I thought I’d better take the promised interior shot of the Gallery before the Christmas Tree went down:

It looks like the stitching software had a few problems with the extreme wideangle required to fit everything in but hopefully you get the picture.

If the flash isn’t working for you, you can download a jpeg version of the image here.


I’m way behind on the blog posts.  The Gallery is in really good shape now and nearly – very nearly – ready for ‘officially open’.

I’ve been working here full-time for the past week or so and it’s really nice to have somewhere dedicated to my work.

So watch this space – there’s a Very Special Offer going with the opening (anyone who has passed by has already had a sneak preview).

Big News

I am pleased to announce that today I signed the lease on a new home for Rob Lamb Photography at Unit 2, Eglantine Park.

There’s been a lot of work getting this far and there’s lots more to do to get it up and running as a functional office.

It’s a big step for me but the business has out-grown the home office and I need somewhere handy to meet people and to show more Artwork – and this is it!

Rob Lamb Photography: A New Home
Rob Lamb Photography: A New Home

It doesn’t look much at the moment (the skip has now been taken away) but from here it’s full steam ahead to fit it out and get it ready to go.

Until I get a desk and broadband sorted I’ll be in and out of the place but if you’re passing and the door is open please come in and say ‘Hi’.