First Holy Communion Photographs for 2017

We offer a full range of services to families for First Communions.

Getting photographs taken on the day is by far the most popular thing to do and availability on Saturdays in May is limited so we’d encourage you to contact us as early as possible to make a booking.

This page gives details of the various options available for First Communion Photo Sessions. Details of pricing, including the Communion Packages and Special Offers are available on the next page.

Gallery Sessions

Studio Communion Photographs

This year we will once again be offering the highly successful Gallery Sessions.

The Gallery Sessions are the most convienient way to get a range of pictures taken on the day of your child’s Communion.  Sessions last approximately 10 minutes and take place after the Communion Mass in our Gallery on Ardfallen Estate, Douglas.

There is no session fee for the Gallery Sessions and we have designed special print packages for these sessions to provide the most popular print products.

Simply make an appointment for the day of your Communion, call in on the day and we’ll have a contact sheet ready within a few days.

These sessions take the pressure off the big day and arrange a photography session on another day.  We are generally available on the following Sunday when many families attend Mass together or sessions can be arranged at a later date as required.

Communion Sessions at Home

In addition to Sessions in the Gallery we will continue to offer sessions at the family home before and after the Gallery Sessions.

Family Preparation at Home

Communion Sessions at Home

It’s a big day and a lot of preparation goes into getting everyone to Mass looking their best.  Photographs taken in the family home before everyone leaves have a special feel to them that is unquie to this time in your family’s life.

Your child needs to be available at least 20 minutes before you need to leave for Mass and the session will include a full range of individual pictures and groups of siblings, parents, grandparents, god parents and anyone else who is in the house that morning as they become available.

There is an €80 session fee for these sessions which includes one 8×12 print.  The print packages are available for these sessions.  There are some restrictions on how far we can travel for these sessions but generally they are available anywhere in the immediate Cork City & Suburban area.

Studio Albums are very popular for these sessions and offers are avaiable for packages that include an album.

In general, it is only possible to do one home session on each Saturday in May (unless you’re prepared to be ready extra-early!)

Family Parties at Home

Family Party at Home

It is common for many families to organise a party at home after Mass.  This is a great opportunity to gather extended family and friends.

Sessions at home after the Communion are far more relaxed and informal.  They can include family groups and individual portraits as well as candid photographs of everyone enjoying the afternoon.

The standard session fee of €80 also applies to these sessions and they are available anywhere in the general Cork City & Suburban area.  The fee includes one 8×12 print and the packages are also available.

These sessions often result in Studio Albums and often Storyboards being made up of a range of images from the party.

Photographs at Church

We will once again be taking photographs at the church prior to the Mass for Our Lady of Lourdes NS and Rockboro School.

These are mostly informal, candid pictures of the children meeting, greeting each other and waiting for Mass to start.  They are a wonderful set of images which capture the excitement and preparation that goes in to the day.

There are no plans yet to offer this service to other schools but if others are interested then please contact us.  It is generally only possible to successfully cover a single class for images like this in order to make sure the all of children are featured.

We put together a small coffee table book of the collection and individual images can be purchased as prints.  There is no session fee associated with this service and no prior commitment to purchase is expected from parents.  They are taken in association with the schools concerned and proof galleries will be distributed locally.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

We also understand that some families prefer to have photographs taken on another day and all these services can be arranged as separate Holy Communion Portrait Sessions as required.

Details of the Communion Packages and Special Offers for Communion Sessions are available on a separate page:

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