Terms & Conditions Apply

…don’t they always?  Well in any business, the answer is yes, whether you write them down or not.

I have recently formalised my general trading terms and conditions and they are now available on the web site at http://www.roblambphoto.com/termsconditions.htm

Now this looks like scary legal document.  The fact is it is a legal document, drawn up for me by a solicitor with a full understanding of Intellectual Property and Irish Law.  But it isn’t something to be scared of.

There is nothing in here that is in any way inconsistent with the way I normally do business.

And in fact having it all written down is intended to inform and protect my clients as much as it is designed for my use.  By knowing what terms and conditions apply to a business arrangement, you can make sure you’re getting what you need.

I wanted to have all this stuff written down and up front for my business relationships going forward.  This is how I work: I don’t like anyone to get any surprises half way into a job.

I have the same attitude to pricing and every other aspect of my business: I want everything out in the open.

The other thing to note is that this is just the baseline.  The default terms and conditions.  As it says many times in the document, I can agree to change any specific point if it is appropriate for a particular client.  So if you have exceptional or specific circumstances that mean something in the terms and conditions don’t suit you then we can discuss that and agree something specific that does work for you.  You may have to pay for that or you may not – whatever is reasonable in the circumstances.

Anyway, any feedback on these is very welcome.  I don’t believe that anything here is unusual for anyone working professionally in photography but if you think that there is something that is a barrier to you doing business with me then please let me know.

Thanks also to Lillian O’Sullivan & Co for drawing these up for me (and Lillian’s patience with my review comments!)

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