Capwell Post Office

Walking along Douglas St today I noticed that the rennovations to the old Capwell Post Office and surrounding buildings are nearing completion.  While the facade of the old building remains, its character is quite different to how it stood a year or so ago:

The Old Capwell Post Office (extended Infrared)

The slightly spooky look of this image is due to the use of a film with extended sensitivity to Infrared (Kodak HIE).  I like the dramatic look this creates and its uniquely suited so some aspects of the Irish landscape (in this example, the urban landscape).

Look out for a gallery of this work from 2007 coming soon.

I still have some HIE in the freezer and want to do more of this stuff again when the weather improves (I’m always seeking potential locations).  There is also a way to do this digitally but that’s another project…

2 Replies to “Capwell Post Office”

  1. That’s my Mum’s old Post Office.

    The place was almost falling down when last I saw it. What’s happened since?

  2. Major renovations over the last 6 months or so. It’s been re-worked as what look like apartments. The facade is still there but cleaned up and painted yellow. Its still the same building from the front but all clean and new-looking. I’ll try and remember to take a pic next time I’m passing.

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