February Snow

It came at dusk and was already fading fast by dawn: our first real snowfall of the year.

Driving home from Bishopstown late in the afternoon it suddenly started to get dark, the sky went grey and a flurry of snow blew in, the snow clouds momentarily blocking out the sun.  Real big snowflakes this time, not just the thin powdery sleet we’d had earlier on.

Another bit at dusk and there was enough for the kids to muster a tiny snowball or two.

Then overnight enough to blot out the grass in places.

By school run the car had been scraped for snowballs by the kids off the bus, still just enough around though for our our girls to throw a few at their mother.  By ten o’clock it was gone from the ground.

But now its snowing again!  Maybe we might even get a small snowman later!

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