Halloween Dress Up 2013

10-4pm Friday 25th October

Halloween Dress Up is on again this year.  This is our third year running the event and we’re hoping for an even bigger turn out this year.

The idea is simple: bring your kids along to the Gallery in Fancy Dress and they get a Free Picture taken in our Halloween Den.  All we ask in return is a donation to one of our Children’s Charities.

Many of the local schools and preschools will be having parties that day as it’s the day before mid-term so why not call in on your way home and get your photo taken?

We’ve had great fun with it in the last few years since we moved into Ardfallen Estate and we’ve raised €100’s for Crumlin and the Ronald McDonald House.

So put the date in your diaries for next week and call in and give us a scare!!!

Childrens Pics at Halloween
Halloweeen Dress Up for Crumlin 2013


Maybe Summer is Back?

Photographer in Cork
Just like being Under the Dome

As we did the return leg along the road back to the Car Park in Currabinny on Saturday, I suddenly became aware of being surrounded by these remarkable butterflies.

Hang on, it’s October.

But there are loads of them flitting across the road.

Then I got home and the same butterflies were crowding around the little daisy-bush-thing that flowers in late summer (they could be Michealmas Daisies).  Loads of them, all visiting the flowers and drinking nectar.  So me and The Boy watched them and I managed to take a few snaps (no macro lens at home, no opportunity to do anything with the lighting, just full sun and the closest, longest setting of the ‘chasing kids around the woods’ lens).

This would be unusual enough if I hadn’t seen the latest episode of Under the Dome which also features butterflies appearing en-mass at an unusual time of year.  So if the Dome coming to Cork?

Autumn Family Portrait Special Offer

€50 Session Fee + 10% Discount on Prints and Storyboards

It’s a perfect time to get out and have a Family Photo Session: autumn is here and the woods look fantastic; it’s bright and still warm outside.

This October we’re offering special discounted rates on all session booked from now until the end of the mid-term break.

For €50 you get a full Family Session anywhere in the Cork.  We’re also offering a 10% Discount on the Gallery Price list for print orders placed at your viewing after your session.

There are many spots around Cork for great Outdoor Family Photo Sessions.  We’ve worked in Currabinny, Rostellan, Fota Gardens and even more suburban locations like Fitzgerald’s Park and the Japanese Gardens.  All we need is somewhere you can be free to relax and play and we can capture your family at their best.

You might also consider some of our great local beaches at this time of year: Myrtleville, Rocky Bay, Garretstown or the Dock Beach have all worked well for us in the past.

But if you have your own favourite spot that your family know well then why not get photos taken there.

Weekend sessions are available but with limited availability.  The promotion runs through to the end of the October Mid-term break so you can also schedule a session while the kids are off school (3rd November).

Contact us now for more info or to book your session: 021 429 3714 rob@roblambphoto.com

Terms and Conditions Apply:

  • You have to be prepared to go out there and have fun
  • The Session Rate of €50 applies to family sessions booked between 4th October 2013 and 3rd November 2013
  • The 10% Discount applies to the normal Gallery Price List and is only applied to products ordered at your viewing session (subsequent orders will be priced at our normal rates)
  • In the unlikely event that the weather isn’t great the day of your session then we’ll re-schedule (I don’t mind getting a bit wet but there are some days when it’s just not going to happen).  The offer will still apply to rescheduled sessions even if they have to get taken after 3rd November.
  • All work is covered by our normal terms and conditions of business

Bring on the Autumn

Family Photographs Outdoors
Don’t let the weather stop you

OK so the weather has taken a turn after one of the best summers we’ve had for years.  But don’t let that stop you getting out there and enjoying yourselves.

In fact it’s still pretty mild and there’s some dry weather forecast.  The woods are looking fab at the moment and there’s nothing kids like better than getting out there and enjoying the fresh air now that schools are back and we spend so much time indoors.

So it’s a great time to organise a Family Photography Session and we’re launching a new promotion to help you make the step and book your session this Autumn.  Watch this space for more details.