No Communion Photos? It’s not too late!

If you’ve recently had a Communion and you’ve no photos to show for it then it’s not too late.

We do a lot of First Holy Communion sessions after the event.  It’s a great chance to dressed up again and get the pictures you missed out on on the day.

The kids always enjoy re-living the day getting dressed up again and it can be scheduled to suit you so there’s no pressure – you can relax and enjoy the whole photoshoot experience.

We can do the session at Home or in a Studio Setting depending on how formal you want to go.  But all these sessions are designed to be fun for everyone and you can see that in the images we produce.

So give me a buzz if you want to get some lovely memories of your special day now that the dust has settled – 021 4293714 or

First Holy Communions 2013

I’m pretty much up to date with the communion pictures at this stage so anyone who has had communion pictures taken should have either a proof sheet (for Gallery Sessions) or a booking for a viewing session.

For anyone who can’t make it in we can provide on-line viewing of your images but it’s better if you can come in and see them in their full glory for the first time.  I can also answer your questions about sizing, framing and how the communion packages work.

There’s a lot going on this time of year but some lovely pictures come out of First Communions whether it’s a Gallery session, a session with the family at home or some of the less formal pictures – like those from the Our Lady of Lourdes Communion last weekend.

It’s a lovely time for the kids and a great time to capture all the excitement and innocence of the day.