The Japanese Gardens, Ballinlough


The IR-converted D70 hasn’t been out for a while.  Years in fact.  The battery was so flat it had completely reset.  It was one of my phases: the IR phase.  Like the Fisheye phase I guess every photographer has these.

But over the last few years I’ve been focussed on my core skills as a portrait photographer and that’s all about traditional people skills and natural looking tones.  I think classic portraiture endures whereas the latest trendy-faddy look will always date.

I’ve always been fond of the IR landscape look  – those dramatic black skies!  I just don’t shoot that many landscapes.  And it hasn’t exactly been IR weather.

Today was better though and with a full day in the office in the offing I took 15 minutes out in the sun at lunchtime to see if the D70i still worked (it was a DIY job afterall).  I decided to just go out there and shoot what I saw in a very familiar location.  No real analysis, just image instinct.

I think it’s worth doing a bit more with the IR landscapes.  You need to get the balance between the IR look and good composition.  They are remarkable because of the IR thing but you need to use it to make a good image (and avoid the snowscape look).  I just ned a few more sunny days and a little time to get out there!

Video Analysis Cork: Improving your freestyle swimming

I don’t do video, I’m a stills guy.  I like a good movie – one with a good story – whatever the genre.  But I prefer to tell stories myself using still images.

I am however a Swimmer and after a few years out of the pool as my kids have got more into swimming then I’m getting more involved myself.

So I guess it was only a matter of time before my interests came together: swimming, image capture, techy stuff.

When I met Garry I was inspired by his drive to improve the swimming ability of everyone he talks to.  He’s more baldy-headed about swimming than even me!

We’ve now teamed up to provide technical analysis for freestyle swimmers.  I’ve learned a lot about video in the process and the product is now matured.  I’ve learned to ‘truck underwater’ and all about high frame rate capture.  I’ve found some great free tools for editing video (and some crap ones).  I’ve had a lot of fun and learned more about swimming in the process.

If you’re a mature swimmer and interested in improving your freestyle technique, check out video analysis cork for information on the analysis and development sessions.

It’s not exactly creative video – I’ll leave the wedding videos to the pros – but I’ve loved the technical challenge of getting this right.