Starting School

School Photographer
Ready for School

Good Luck to everyone starting school this week.

The Small Fella’s big day is tomorrow and yesterday was the big ‘try on’ day and we were all on shock: he looks so big (typical thing for us to say I know); but he also took to it so well. Boys eh?

Bucket Lists

I don’t believe in Bucket Lists: there’s just so many things to do out there (and I’m lucky to have done quite a few cool things), why limit yourself to a list?

But I guess if I had one then I would have ticked something off while we were away in Allihies: I did a Sea Swim.

Now I did already do one in Australia – I did the Cole Classic in Manly in 2008 – but many would say swimming in the clear, pure, 22 degree waters of Sydney isn’t the same (despite the sharks, poisonous octopi and stinging jellyfish).  But I’m not fond of cold water.  In fact, I’ve had a couple of experiences that have lead me to think that cold water and me are never really going to be friends.

Some of you will know that I’ve swum in the pool since I was a kid.  I’ve been doing a bit recently and got into reasonable shape before Douglas Pool closed for the Summer.  And in the course of swimming with Sundays Well I’ve been asked about getting in around the coast – those nice people at Sandycove and the Lynchs of Myrtleville amongst them.  But no way.  It’s just too cold and I don’t like it.

But it seems finally the peer pressure got to me.  Only this time it was Daughter No 2 who decided she was going to do the swim at the Beara Festival on Bere Island and how could I let her do it without entering the mens version.  So in borrowed togs I took it on.

Now it wasn’t exactly Sandycove – more like a few 100m out to a buoy and back in the harbour off the Island but it was cold and no wet suit (unlike my daughter). The first quarter I thought I’d die of not being able to breath.  So head out – to help the breathing and to find the buoy.  By the turn I suddenly felt a little more used to it – warmed up even.  So I went round the bout and ‘kicked’ for home.

Thankfully my family were so worried about my survival that there is no documentary evidence on film.  But this is the spot (we waited until the ferry had left) – and you couldn’t really ask for anywhere more scenic.  But I can’t promise I’ll be back next year!

Photographer Cork
Great Spot for a Swim


Cork Craft Month 2012

I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Cork Craft Month at the Old Mill Kinsale last night. The Old Mill is the location of an exhibition entitled “Who Made This ?” – Cork Creates 2012 which showcases the work of 30 Cork-based craftspeople.

Craftspeople on display in Kinsale

In June this year Cork Craft & Design Network invited me to photograph each of the selected craftspeople. I was expecting to be asked to photograph their work but this exhibition brings the story of each of the Makers into play and the curators wanted to feature them more strongly.

So I had a day of photographing 20-odd very interesting (if somewhat reluctant) people who are far more used to putting themselves into their work than on film.

I think it’s worked wonderfully for this exhibition and there was a lot of talk last night about the portraits and the link made to the Maker from the work and how it enhanced the relationship the viewer (and hopefully the purchaser) had with the work to know more about it’s precedence.

And nice to see my work on the wall next to so much wonderful Art.

The exhibition runs until the end of August in Kinsale and there are lots more more events going on as part of Cork Craft Month running into September

Portraits of Makers featured at Cork Craft Month, Kinsale
Tracing Craft back to the Makers, Cork Design Network