Seen through the eyes of a child

The Small Fella was caught rotten by his sisters writing on a book.  Bad news!

But in this case, although he was told it was wrong, he was forgiven for two reasons:

  1. He said ‘sorry’
  2. This particular book is one of mine that I had as a kid.  This should make me more upset that he’s defaced this priceless heirloom but in fact those same books hold the signature of another small boy: my own.
  3. What he drew was remarkable.

Clearly this was a signed representation of our family and he’s gone to some length to make sure that we were individually represented.  This morning over breakfast we got the low-down on who was who

I kinda guessed which one was me cos he’d drawn something in one the character’s hands that looked kind of familiar:

That’s your camera Dad

So clearly that’s now he sees me out on a family walk.  Maybe I should leave the camera at home more often. But if you think that’s bad, those things coming out of Mom’s head are ‘her snores’!

Daisy Days – 2

You have to be practical with young kids – especially with the summer we’re having.  This little fella was nice and comfy on the ground on the blanket and smiled his little head off for the camera.

Mum wanted to be outside with the flowers and although it was still early in the season for Fitzgerald’s Park there were plenty of daisies around – and they were just right to provide a background but not to take the focus away from the star of the session!

Daisy Days – 1

Although they’re here all sumer, June is definitely the big month for daisies. The last couple of years I’ve tried to get the kids together to get something going with the daisies but it just never seems to work out.

It’s a lovely idea but in the end they are just sooo small.  And all that intent on making daisy chains just looks like something else.

But this year we got out in the woods and parks an awful lot and this loads of really nice work from those sessions – some of which include those pesky little flowers…

Happy Holidays

With the schools closed it’s time to move to my normal summer office hours.

From 9th July until 31st August, my normal office hours will change to 10-12 Monday to Friday.

As usual, these are the hours when I will definitely be in the office.  I am generally available in the Gallery for most of the day but since it’s just me here then I do need to close the Gallery and go out to meet clients, suppliers and take photos (not necessarily in that order).

So if you want to just drop in then 10-12 is your best bet.  If that doesn’t suit then just call me to confirm that I’m in the Gallery at another time during the day – or we can make an appointment.

I am still taking evening and weekend appointments over the summer.

We having a few plans for going away over the summer which will mean that the Gallery will be closed for a few days.  Most of these are weather dependant so nothing definite yet.  One of the advantages of working for yourself is the flexibility of your working hours (tempered against the need to work whenever you’re needed) – so this summer I intend to take advantage of that flexibility a small bit.

So if you need me, call and make an appointment – 021 429 3714 (diverts to mobile if I’m not here) or drop in 10-12.

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