Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone from all at Rob Lamb Photography!

I hope you have a peaceful and relaxing Christmas and we hope to see you soon in the New Year.

Christmas Hours

I’ll be finishing up for the Christmas Hols at around 6pm tomorrow (Friday 23rd).  The Gallery will re-open on Monday 9th January, 2012.

I am working over the break (and have bookings for a number of family reunions) but I’ll only be in the office by appointment.

So if you need something urgent just call me on the mobile and I’ll sort you out – 087 683 8511

Christmas Vouchers are still available and can still be purchased in January (if someone gets you a surprise present for example!)

Don’t take pictures, take part

(OK, do take some pictures, but take part too!)

Small Fella had his Christmas Concert yesterday

What can I say?  They were all great.

Unfortunately Number One Daughter wasn’t able to make it due to a school trip so she asked me to video the whole thing.  Obviously, no question.

In doing so it brought back a realisation I made when photographing University Sport back in the 1990s: if you’re photographing something then you are observing; you are not experiencing; you are not taking part.

So I saw the whole performance on the LCD but I wasn’t really ‘there’.  And although I really enjoyed the OLOL School Pageant last week it’s a different experience trying to capture it in images rather than just sitting back and enjoying it.

Now I still love taking pictures so I don’t mind most of the time.  But there are times in the family calendar when I deliberately leave the camera behind – or at least take the compact and put it in my pocket after getting a few snaps.  I’ve learned to forget the capture and enjoy the experience.  My memory still serves me pretty well.

Of course it’s often easier if someone else is doing it for you (you knew there was a plug in here somewhere didn’t you?)

So this Christmas, apart from wishing everyone a very Merry One, I’d like to remind you not to make this important time in your family’s year a full multi-media experience and make it a fully interactive one!

Christmas Cheer

Three Wise Children at the Peace Park: slow sync on the LX-5

There’s still a few days left to go see the lights and decorations in the Peace Park (aka Bishop Lucey Park).  We went on the first weekend it was open ang there was no queuing.

The kids had a great time running around looking at everything and even throwing an ice cube in the fountain to make a wish.

The Small Fella even said yesterday that he forgot to put ‘something’ on his Santa list but he thinks he’s OK because he wished for it in the fountain.  Good luck to Santa with that one!!

The park has a new designer this year and it’s looking fresher.  But it struck me that it’s less interactive – certainly compared to the first ‘Franc year’.  It really is a photo event: there are lots of festive things to get your picture taken with (see above!).

So bring your cameras and it’s time to try out the slow-sync flash.  It may be disguised as ‘night mode’ or something like that.  But basically it should slow the shutter down to bring up the ambient lights then blast the foreground with a flash to pick kids out.  It takes a bit of playing with and a steady hand but the pic of the kids above was taken on my compact Pansonic Lumix LX-5.  You don’t need anything too ‘flashy’.


It’s been a mad busy week this week and I’ve been in and out of the office quite a lot.  My apologies if I’ve missed anyone calling.

I’m going to be out all day tomorrow, Friday 9th December at a wedding booking so the Gallery will be closed all day.

If you need to contact me urgently please call the mobile and leave voicemail – I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m avaiable.  Or send a text: 087 683 8511