Gallery Launch Event

Last Tuesday saw the official Launch of the Gallery with special Guest of Honour (and neighbour) Sean O Se saying (and singing) a few words to celebrate the opening.

Sean O Se Opens sings our praise

Sean was in fine form and a hard act to follow but the Small Fella did his best with the Ribbon Cutting

Small Kids and Scissors!

We were blessed with the company of good friends and fine weather (and yes it was our kids who were chalking on the path outside!).

We’ll have to find another excuse to get everyone together soon!


I think we're going to need a bigger boat

Life is pretty hard for Lego Men in our house and things have got worse since the steady arrival of Pirates at Christmas and a recent Birthday.

Today however, while the girls were at Mass, a Man-Eating Shark turned up.

Thankfully there are still a few Heroes out there:

Our Centurian to the Rescue

For anyone interested, the Shark is mostly made of blue bricks that have been part of the Lego box since before I started playing with it.  I assume my sisters once had a house with a blue roof?

These pics are also part of the on-going trial of the Nikon 50mm f1.2 AIS (and my ability to focus it manually!).  More on the search for the ‘perfect 50’ to come.

Photographing Kids at Play

It’s nice to get a surprise sometimes.  As I dropped the kids in to school one morning I was greeted by one of my own images on a Poster on the wall.

Pre-school kids hard at work

I took this picture as part of a project for Cork City Childcare some time ago.  The aim was to produce a series of posters and other Artwork but until now I’d not seen any of the final pieces.

It still has to be one of the most challenging and enjoyable jobs I’ve done.  Challenging because it was completely candid – no set-ups, no lighting, just capturing the kids at free play.  And enjoyable because it was just that:  kids at free play.  A lot of great kids having a great time just being kids.

It’s still a good feeling to see your work in a public context – especially when you least expect it!