Windows 3

OK, anyone know who left three small, double-glazed windows outside the Gallery door this morning?

Someone may have heard that I’m in the market for a new PC but I need Windows 7 not 3 Windows!

Is this some kind of Godfather-style message: ‘it’s windows for you my lad’?

A Gentle Reminder

It’s March already and anyone who received one of the special Opening Promotion Gift Vouchers needs to book their session before the Voucher expires on March 31st.

There are a few out there unclaimed and I’m pretty booked up for the next couple of weeks so to make things a little easier I’m OK to let a few of these sessions run into April, as long as the booking is made before the 31st March (originally the session had to be shot before the end of March).

But if you have a Voucher and haven’t used it yet, you still need to call me soon to arrange your session and we’ll put something in the diary.

Time Out

Due to a family Birthday, the Gallery will be closed today, Friday 4th March. I have a Pirate Party to attend.

Also, I’ll be away at a Trade Event in the UK Tuesday and Wednesday next week so I won’t be at the Gallery then either.

As usual I’ll be available on the mobile for anything urgent – or just drop me an email and I’ll get back to you when I’m back in the office.

Have a great weekend!

Winners and people who didn’t do as well as they might have hoped

I can’t believe it’s a week since the election already (no sign of a government yet?).  I popped into the count on Saturday evening and bumped into a few people – some of whom had been there for the duration (and weren’t going home).  It’s great that the count is open to the public: democracy in action.

Senator Dan Boyle looks out over a changing political landscape

I was also passed this link – especially for those of us who weren’t there all day!