The Best Laid Plans

News has got out about the new Gallery and Office.  Thanks to everyone for their best wishes and offers of assistance.

In between the usual day job there’s been a lot of work gone into it over the last couple of weeks: a bit of DIY, a trip to Ikea, plenty of flat pack assembly and the slow and steady migration of the office up to the new site.

On Wednesday the guys turned up with the new sign to find the Mrs and Me painting the outside.  The first good day outside in two weeks – or so we thought – plus a bit of indecision on the colour front meant that this was the first chance.  So unfortunately we had to send them back with the sign until the painting was done.

It was a rough day weather-wise but it stayed dry until about 9pm.  The gang swung by on the way home from a club and all was well.  I even passed in the early hours on the way home from Barry’s and the paint was holding up in the rain.

But when we turned up next morning ready for more work, half the paint job was on the pavement!  OMG!  We cleaned up the path but now we’re stuck waiting for the weather to improve before we can paint and then the sign needs to go up.

Ironic for a location photographer who is rarely put off by the weather to be hung up like this.

But I spent my first day working down there processing pictures (waiting for the undercoat on the door to dry) and I’ve moved from being a little apprehensive to really wanting to get on with it.

Inside it looks good in there now: I have furniture, I have a sofa and a coffee machine.  I’m getting the first batch of pictures for the walls on Tuesday.

So if you pass and the door is open do call in and say ‘Hi’.  And say a short prayer for good weather so we can finish off the outside!

The Big Cleanup

CCRC Runway for Research 2010

Well done to everyone concerned with last week’s CCRC Runway for Research at the Radison Blu.  Great style on show and lots raised for research into treatments for Gynaecological Cancer at CCRC.

In particular well done to Kathleen Fitzgerald and Michelle Stack who were treated to a full makeover and got to close the show with a walk down the catwalk.


Halloween has become a big thing here now.  Whilst the kids enjoy the dressing up, visiting neighbours and of course way too many sweets, as each year it becomes a bigger festival it becomes increasingly odd to me that we celebrate it.

This year tragedy affected our household indirectly and for me and one of my children the whole thing seemed more out of sorts than normal.

November is traditionally a time for remembrance.

It is a time to celebrate the lives of people who are no longer with us.  My thoughts are with all families who are feeling the loss of someone.

This post was formed on 1st November and left unposted.  Tonight I saw the news footage from the Armistice Day Ceremonies in Dublin.  It is important that we remember those who gave their lives for our freedom on all fronts.  I’m glad that the thousands of Irishmen who died fighting in Europe are finally being recognised.

Runway for Research 2010 this Thursday

Milinery and Dress from Envy Boutique at last year's CCRC Runway for Research

This year’s Runway for Research Fashion show in aid of Cork Cancer Research Centre is on this Thursday 4th November at the Radison Little Island – 7pm Start.

I’ll be covering it for CCRC again this year so I hope to see as many people there as possible.

Come along and see style from a wide range of local boutiques and of course help raise funds for Research in to Gynaecological Cancer at CCRC.

More info on the CCRC website.