Looking for a Unique Family Portrait?

In time for the start of the summer holidays, I am pleased to announce the start of my Portfolio Programme.

The Programme is aimed at producing a range of unique family photographs based around a theme which is special to each family.

I want to talk to families with a shared passion for something – something which is personal to them and is a major feature in their lives on a regular basis.

Together we’ll use that as a theme for a family photo session featuring all the family and elements of whatever it is they do.  We’ll choose the location and the timing of the session to suit the theme.

Whether you’re mad into surfing, GAA, music or whatever, I want to hear your ideas for a family photograph with a difference.

As with previous promotions, I want to use these images for my own publicity on the web and in print. In return for your time, the session is free and you’ll get a framed print as well.

So before you head off to do whatever you do best this summer, think about whether you’d like some great pictures to remember it by.

Give me a call at 087 683 8511 or email me your ideas and we can come up with some great new family photographs.

More information, details and some more ideas are posted at http://blog.roblambphoto.com/?page_id=488

Now this guy may be a little young for this programme – but you never know, he might make it one day…

The Smallest Visitors

I have no idea what these beautiful flowers are (some kind of Iris or Lilly?).  They grow very well in our garden and every year I end up taking photos of them at some stage to try out something new (a new camera, a new macro lens or shooting them in some different way).

I wasn’t going to bother this year and then I saw the late evening sun hitting them and tried shooting the light going through them.

As I did I spotted someone else had already made one of them home.

Macro Photography, Flower Pictures

Down the Road @ St Fin Barre’s

Cork Textiles Network are opening their annual show at St Fin Barre’s Cathedral tomorrow, Thursday 3rd June.  This year’s show is entitled ‘Down the Road’

I spent a day back in March photographing pieces for the exhibition (some still very much works in progress) so that images are now available for the programme, artists’ cards and promotional literature for the show.

It will be nice to see the finished pieces in all their glory in the Cathedral tomorrow.  The show runs until the 17th June.

Good luck to everyone involved.