OLOL Communion Photos

I have posted some of my pictures from last week’s communion on a private site for the school.


Access to the gallery page requires a password which was given to all the class on Friday.  However it you are a friend of the school please contact me stating how/who you know in the class and I’ll send the details on to you.


Or call me at 087 683 8511

There was a problem viewing the galleries in Internet Explorer but I think that’s fixed.  As usual the galleries do require Adobe Flash but if there are any more problems, just let me know.

Boys in the Park

More from the Spring sessions.  It seems like ages ago since I met Aoife and her boys in Fitzgerald’s Park.

Thanks again to Aoife and the Lads for a lovely morning in the Park.

B2B Network Launch 11th May

Join B2B Networking (Cork) in what promises to be a well-attended business networking opportunity with other proactive people from all business sectors in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Time:  6:00 – 7:30pm | Tuesday 11 May 2010

Venue:  Cork Vision Centre @ St. Peter’s, North Main Street, Cork.

Moving Pictures

Generally I haven’t been a fan of audio-visual slide shows.  I remember when I used to work in a ‘cube farm’ in the old Motorola days and browsed to a site which automatically launched an audio-visual show: it brought on panic as I desperately tried to turn off the sound before my cube-buddies realised I was surfing instead of working.

Nevertheless,  I recently had the honour of being asked to talk to Mallow Camera Club for an evening and I thought a slide show might help to keep everyone awake.

This is from a session last autumn.  It has a soundtrack so if you work in an open plan office, turn off the sound before you start!

Apologies to Daire (aka John) for the unfortunate timing of one particular lyric