Happy New Year

I wish everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

No doubt Jan 2010 will be tough for many but I wish you the gifts of hope, trust and self-belief.  Treasure the people who love you and draw strength from them.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone from all at Rob Lamb Photography

May you have a joyful and restful Christmas and a prosperous New Year

Frozen Out

By all accounts, it is a long time since the Lough froze over.  The best estimate I have had so far is 26 years.

Another cold night is upon us, take care out there if you have to travel.  Personally, I’ll be finishing off my Christmas cards by the fire.

A Grand Stretch in the Evening

With the Winter Solstice yesterday, technically the days are getting longer.  Winter is receding.

I know it is hard to believe with the sun setting over the airport as I type this at 16:03.

However it will only be a matter of days before one of my in-laws tells me that there’s a ‘grand stretch’.  It started innocently enough but seems to have become a sort of running joke as to who can be the first one to say it as soon as mid-winter has passed.

Maybe I’ll get there first this year!

A Grand Stretch Indeed

Ice in the City

OK so it is cold, but it is beautiful out there.  We rugged the kids up and went out to find some ice in the garden.  We probably hadn’t been out there since the great floods so all the vessels we had left for rain water collection were still out there – only now they had a sheet of ice on their surface up to an inch thick in places.

We found a few interesting things trapped in cold storage:


All the kids enjoyed themselves but let’s just say that I’m glad I’m not a Barbie in our house.  It seemed a little cold for ice skating…

Barbie on Ice x2

First Family Portrait

In the last few weeks the White House released the first official portrait of the Obama First Family.  I’m not sure I have rights to publish the picture (and I wanted to keep all the photos on here my own) but it is available on the White House Flickr site.

In keeping with previous administrations, Annie Leibovitz was asked to take the picture.

Hang on Annie,  call that a family portrait?  No white background?  No selective colouring?  No crazy jumping around the place?

No gimmicks, no nonsense, just classic portraiture.  A portrait in any medium is more than a simple likeness: it conveys some element of the character of the subject.

Liebovitz has shown us a father, a mother and two daughters, distinct characters but united as a family.  Even in this most public of families, in the face of all we know about the ability of the Administration to spin and manage presentation, the image is credible.

Annie Liebovitz’s own problems have been well documented recently but her ability as a portrait photographer is unchallenged.

Tea and Cameras

Thanks to the ladies of Togher ICA for their hospitality on Wednesday night.  We had a bit of fun talking about cameras and taking photographs.

Hopefully everyone got something interesting from it.  We even did some practical ‘arranging a group’ in the small space that was available in the Community Centre.

In response to a couple of people asking, I put together a couple of pages on my experience choosing a digital point and shoot camera for my 8 year old this year.  I have now added it as a page on the blog for anyone interested in my version of how to choose a basic camera.  Any questions, let me know…

Back on tap

OK, so the water is back, we’re not smelly any more.

In fact our proximity to St Finbarr’s Hospital probably brought it back to us quicker than most – although I was informed we were ‘borrowing’ our water from Rochestown.  What was frustrating was not really knowing whether we could trust it as drinking water or not.  Finally, in a total auto-pilot moment, I brushed my teeth with the tap water and slowly kind of started to use it from there.

However the small fella is still turning on the bathroom tap and saying ‘it’s working!’ – he doesn’t forget too easily.

I haven’t yet gone as far as emptying the water butt.  You just don’t know when you might need 132 litres of rain water…

The Butt Stops