You saw it here first

Once again, Cork City proves itself to be ahead of the rest of the world in all things cultural.

Way back at the start of the blog (almost exactly a year ago) I posted this picture of a knitted sock monster thing on the South Mall.

Well I passed it again yesterday and it is still there but it is not much more than crumpled lump of wool at the bottom of the post.

But this week, the BBC’s Oddbox features Yarn Bombing in Canada (number 7 in the list of 10 if you watch the video).  What can I say?  Where Cork goes, others follow.

So to the Cork Yarn Bombers – whoever you are (no-one I know came forward, though I still suspect the Cork Textile Network) – let’s have more of it and show these Canadians!

PS: A quick google uncovers a whole underground movement which is obviously only just making it into the media.

PPS: Cork Textile Network opened their annual exhibition in the School of Music on Monday called ‘The Long Note’.  I had the pleasure of doing their publicity shots on Monday.  Excellent work as usual, it is well worth a look if you’re passing good luck to all the members of the Network.

Augustine’s now @ the Clarion

I have heard a lot of good things about Augustine’s when they were on Washington Street but last week they opened at their new, bigger restaurant at the back of the Clarion.

The new place looks fantastic and they have high hopes of continuing the recognition the Washington St restaurant received from the critics (including a few more visits from Mitchelin).

Brendan made the Examiner this week and there should also be a feature in the next issue of Food & Wine.

Good luck lads, all the best.

Brendan Cashman, Augustine's at the Clarion
Augustine's at the Clarion

PS: Their website, is due an update for the new location but Brendan’s Bio gives you a bit of an idea where they’re coming from.

Water, water everywhere (and not a drop to drink)

Well, who would have thought, after making it through various floods, fords and run-offs over the last couple of days the last thing I expected this morning was no water from the tap. By the looks of the news we escaped pretty lightly.

But even so, the prospect of no water for 3-4 days is a bit of a concern. I’m starting to realise just how many times I wash my hands during the day! Don’t mention the toilet.

By 10am Adli in Ballyphehane was out of large bottles, I found some in Lidl in Carrigaline (since they still have water out there). And we’ve been blessed with a few visitors bearing every vessel they can find filled with water. The Irish are great neighbours!

So we’re stocked up for now. Why are they in the bath? Well we won’t be using it for a few days!

Let Mr Blue Sky In

Just back from the flash mob / dance event that was ‘Let Mr Bue Sky In’ on Patrick Street this afternoon.  Three minutes of pure uninhibited fun and enjoyment for all concerned.

Talk about a feel good event – every city should have one!  Thanks so much to all involved.  All the work, co-ordination, rehearsal and pure good spirit that made it such a success.

I can honestly say I have never seen so many people smiling on Patrick’s Street before.

The ladies of our household found out about it on Monday and have been rehearsing and spreading the word since.  The boys were there to record and spectate (and take a nap).

No video on You Tube yet.  The rehearsals are there and there’s a Facebook group so keep an eye out.  If I get a good link I’ll post it.  I’m not sure my camcorder work from Opera Lane is worth publication yet but I might work on it!

Let Mr Blue Sky continue to shine over Cork!

Haulbowline Theatre Group in AP

I grabbed 5 minutes in Douglas Court yesterday to browse the photo mags in Porters.  The majority of photo mags are published entirely to promote camera gear but there are a few that also include some articles on photographs and photographers as well as just cameras.

As I flicked through the November 7th Amateur Photographer (an old favourite) I thought I recognised one of the faces in a picture but couldn’t quite place the guy.  Someone very local.  On closer inspection it was an article on a Photo Story on the Haulbowline Theatre Group by Cork’s own Damian Drohan.  I recognised one of the actors because we had been to the production ourselves back in the summer.

Excellent work Damian.  And well done for getting into AP, great exposure.

The images are available on Damian’s Photo-Document site

It is also worth saying we had a great night out in Haulbowline – a great production and a unique place to see theatre.

Art and madness

I found myself standing in the rain in Shandon today, camera in hand, waiting.  Waiting and wondering if I was on the cusp of one of those fantastic moments in Irish Landscape Photography: where the clouds break and the most fantastic light creates a scene of such beauty that it captures all that is magnificent about Ireland’s Landscape.

Or am I just a Muppet standing in the rain?

Well the moment never came.  Today I was the Muppet.

I decided this morning to swap my evening’s leisure for an morning of taking photographs of the city.  It was promising a beautiful autumn morning.  I did my essentials and headed into town, that light fading fast and by the time I hit Shandon the blue was gone and the black was coming, followed by the grey and the damp.

By the time I trudged home up High Street that light did appear.  A glorious sun shower with blue sky above and sun ripping through the rain.  A rainbow above my head I should imagine.  No chance of getting to a significant landmark to create a scene.

And now, as I look out the window the light is wonderful again.  Bet you I won’t get to Turners Cross in time.

Good Irish Landscape, like good comedy, is all about…


You might be wondering where the photographs that I did take are?  Well they are slides so wait for another chance to finish the roll, for me to find somewhere to process them, at least a week to get them processed and then however long it takes for me to get around to scanning them.  I hope they’re worth it.

B2B Network Site Launched

The B2B Business Networking Group has just launched their website at

I joined the group back in March and it has been a very positive experience from day one.  We meet at Regus, Citygate every Friday morning with the aim of promoting and referring each others business in the wider local business community.  But it also acts as a business support group and a great chance to get out of the office once a week and meet some good people in very varied businesses.