Lee Swim 2009

There’s something about being there that makes me think that one day I might do it.  The mass start.  All that camaraderie.

Then I watch them swim down the Lee and notice how as their legs look a lot browner than the rest of their body.  In fact, there are times when you can’t see their bodies under the water at all.

No, I took my chance at an open water swim in Manly when the water was clear blue and 22 degrees.  And don’t give me all that about wet suits either.  I’m soft when it comes to cold water and I’m quite prepared to admit to it.

I’m not a totally lost cause.  There may be a time you see me down at Sandy Cove.  There are a couple of people trying to wear me down into getting in down there.  Roll on Global Warming.

Fair play to all the swimmers today (and to the spectators who braved the rain).

Lee Swim 2009
The clear brown waters of the River Lee

Johnny don’t go…

Well ladies and gentlemen, I managed to see John Spillane three times in the last five days.  Fair play to me.

At the last minute we wangled a babysitter last Thursday night and made it down to the Marquee for John and Mick Flannnery.  John literally rocked the house, great concert, nice to bring Mick into it too.  Cheer the young fella up a bit.

Then I was putting the kids to bed (late) on Saturday night and the call came up the stairs, ‘John Spillane’s on Miriam’.  And there he was in a Blaze of Glory, Another Ball Safely in the Back of the Net, doing his stuff for Miriam.

Sunday we headed West through the storms to Dzogchen Beara.  The Misses as been interested in seeing the place for ages (I feel a retreat coming on soon) and they have had a ‘Free Spirit’ weekend with events, meditations and free concerts.  It was a bit further out along Beara than either of us remembered but we made it without too many ‘are we there yet’s.

Wow, what a wonderful haven of a place.  At perfect spot.  And there in the evening was John.  Fresh from Dublin and RTÉ.

Now believe it or not the kids are big fans.  The girls have been since the Live at the Speigeltent DVD came with Hey Dreamer.  The small fella gets off his chair to dance and sing to most of Irish Songs we learnt at School.

Another great show.  So not-the-marquee.  A tent on Beara with 200-odd people.  Same great performance (no one getting up for more beer throughout).  He even didn’t run a mile when the Mad Woman from Cork (aka my wife) came up and told him our 2 year old was a fan. Oh no, he sang a few lines of An Poc ar Buile specially for him.

So the kids got their dream to see him live, in the perfect circumstances.  We got our John Spillane hit (until Christmas anyway).  We drove home late (again, thank goodness for school holiday), four in the car asleep but all happy.

Thanks John.  Thanks for the Songs From Your Own Imagination.  Thanks Dzogchen Beara, you have our support and best wishes.

John Spillane at Dzogchen Beara
John Spillane at Dzogchen Beara

Heady days of summer

Its hard to remember just over a week ago when the schools were still in and summer seemed like it was here at last (after two years of waiting!).

I took advantage and headed out West to shoot some landscape banners for a web site launch (watch this space) and it was truly glorious.  There really is no where like West Cork when you get the weather.  We ended up in Rosscarbery sitting in the square at 8pm in the warm sun with chips and a pint.  How bad!

Blue Diver, Kinsale