Girls in white dresses…

Communion season is nearly done and I think most weekends were blessed with an afternoon of good weather, even though many started out wet.

Lots of lovely images to sort through and add to the galleries on the main page shortly.

Now, what’s next?  Ah yes, summer…?

First Holy Communions

There are lots of lovely images coming from family shoots arranged around First Communions.  Its a wonderful moment in the cycle of family life, my best wishes to anyone who is making their First Communion this year.

More Gallery Updates

I just posted a new gallery of Sydney Opera House photos to the Australian Galleries page.  Lots of abstracts and odd views of this very familiar landmark taken over the months we tripped in and out of Syndey, mainly on the Manly Ferry (in fact one of these is taken from the Ferry at night).

I was very taken with the Opera House. I think I really liked the way you interact with the structure as you move around it.  Although you think you know what to expect before you get there, the building has many details that surprise and delight you.  I never expected, for example, the surface of the domes to be made of square mosiac!

Again, I have a particular composite image in mind for these images so they’ve all been deliberately cropped square.

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House

I also posted some minor updates to the Kids/Babies/Families Galleries – mainly to stop MM (you know who you are) complaining that her kids weren’t cute enough to make the Galleries!  Hopefully there will be more updates to these once the communion season is over.  There are some lovely portraits coming from the communions but I want to make sure everyone is happy to be in the Gallery before I post them.

I’m still planning the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Blue Mountains Galleries.  Also some Infrared from around Ireland – one of older film based IR and some from my new IR-modified Digital camera.

The full link to the Sydney Opera House Gallery is

Enioy. Feedback, C&C welcome…