The Last Days of Togher International Festival of Amateur Photography

Saturday saw the end of an era.  With the presentation of the Kevin Ryan Memorial Trophy the last act of the Togher International Festival of Amateur Photography was complete.

Chrissie and Mary have been running a photographic competition for 23 year in the Togher community and photographers from all over Cork and the World have entered and been judged.  But as well as the Open, Novice and Specialist categories there was always the Snapshots.  And that summed up the event: something for everyone at every level of photography; a chance for experienced professionals and ameteurs to show their craft; opportunities for anyone with a camera to show off a good image; lots to smile about; an appreciation of photography at all levels; all the encouragement anyone could want.

It was testament to how this festival has touched so many in Cork that not only did the City Lord Mayor and Deputy County Mayor arrive at Togher Community Hall on Saturday but also two TDs and at least three former Mayors.  As well as many members of the community who have been involved over the last 23 years.

But after many ‘last years’ this could finally be it for Chrissie and Mary.  I think they might finally have had enough.  The local businesses will be one spot prize over this year.

My thanks to them from me and on behalf of many photographers who have taken part in TIPAF over the years.

There is still a hope someone might take up the gauntlet next year and the competition will continue and perhaps reach new heights.

But we will remain endebitted to Chrissie and Mary for the last 23 years.

Third Prize, Kevin Ryan Memorial Trophy, April 2009

Easter Refresher

I had the pleasure of attending a three day seminar ‘almost alone’ with David Williams up in Omagh before Easter.  David’s work is incredible and it was amazing to see him at work and how he achieves such natural, intimate images.  He is truly inspirational.  Lots to take away from this and use in my own work but also great to step out of daily business every now and then and spend time improving my craft.

Thanks also to Sarah Fyffe, who hosted the event up in Omagh.