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An Andy Goldsworthy Moment

Friday, January 16th, 2009

On one of those rare quiet moments before Christmas I pulled down some of those lovely coffee table books and found inspiration, if not for an incisive moment of environmental art, at least for some fun with the kids in the garden.

So out we went and created…

The centre ring is the Horse Chestnut directly fallen, then the yellow from the bush next door, then red from our neighbours garden and finally Apple leaves from further up the garden.

This turned out to be great entertainment for all: selecting, filtering and gathering leaves; filling and emptying the wheelbarrow; spreading and organising.  The small fella in particular was a great help…

However the whole esthetic was a bit lost one him…

Alas, environmental art is temporal and we now just have a pile of dead leaves at the bottom of the garden…

Happy New Year

Monday, January 5th, 2009

We managed to get a few days away out West over the holidays. I love West Cork, it always feels like you could spend your entire life wandering those hills and beaches and still discover new wonders.  One of my (many) resolutions this year is to spend more time out there.  OK, so its more of a plan than a resolution but hopefully I can get to spend more time out there this year.  West Cork is perfect for a bike tour – there’s no better way to see the country: the perfect mix of the ability to cover some distance but remain in touch with the environment (including the rain).  I may require a little training!

Barley Cove

Barley Cove