Merry Christmas

School’s out today so I guess it’s finally here: Merry Christmas to everyone!

I wish you a peaceful and happy holiday.

Whatever the turbulent new year has in store for you may you have confidence and hope.

Treasure the love of those around you and make that the foundation of your life.  These are the good fortunes that economies neither build nor take away

All the best, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.


Australian Galleries Now Open

I have finnally started to work through all the photographs taken during our time in Australia.

The first two galleries are now available at

The photographs in these galleries were taken during my five day trip to Broken Hill on the Indian-Pacific Railway.  Broken Hill is a mining town pretty much in the middle of nowhere at the very edge of New South Wales.  Its very hard for someone like me to understand what would bring people to a place like this to find better fortunes – especially in the early stages of mining.

It is partly because they’re all from one trip that these photographs have made it out first.  There’s a lot more that I want to put up on the site but they’re gathered at different times over the 10 months we spent out there.  I have a lot of views, detail and abstracts of the Opera House and the Bridge, a nice set from the Rock Pools around Manly (they’re swimming pools cut out of the rocks on the beaches) and a few good landscapes from our trip to the Blue Mountains (when the fog wasn’t down).

So stay tuned for more from Australia.  I’ll post to this blog when I add new galleries.